Our culture is defined by the unique genotype of our people, each of whom brings to the table a set of traits that we actively seek and nurture to ensure that every day at PIC is a pursuit of excellence.

Integrity: Each one of our people strives to serve as a role model by upholding PIC's organizational rules, behaving in public as they would in private, contributing to an environment that does not tolerate ethical deviation, refusing to risk the long term reputation of the company and fellow employees for short term gains, and acting as if their actions and words could be tomorrow’s headlines.

Analytical Capabilities: Solving complex problems is what we do, and we achieve this by adopting a rational and analytical approach, and basing our decisions on facts and solid research.

Resilience: Our work is as intense as it is rewarding. It requires that we each be able to cope well under pressure, not give up easily, and recover quickly from setbacks by learning from failures and starting again.

Quality Orientation: A lot of people depend on what we do, staking their wellbeing on the quality of our products. This compels us to produce work of high standard, pay attention to detail, and complete tasks in a timely manner.

Drive: The driving force behind PIC, our people are spurred on by a strong urge to succeed, their thirst for achievement, and the desire to surpass their goals.

Courage: As qualified and competent professionals, we demonstrate confidence under all circumstances, take responsibility for our own actions, and speak our mind even against conventional wisdom when we need to.

Leadership: Taking advantage of the leadership and performance incentive opportunities that PIC provides at every level, we step forward to tackle challenging goals, envision what needs to get done and help with its execution, and build relationships with others throughout the company to share ideas, knowledge and authority; provide support; and ensure that best practices prevail.

We know that our people are crucial to our success. Becoming a leading biopharmaceutical company in the MENA region depends on the potential, dedication, knowledge and performance of our employees and the excellence of our leaders. As such, we place considerable effort into creating a work environment that stimulates innovation, team spirit, engagement and achievement. By unlocking the talent of our workforce, we bring to life our company’s strategy, drive business results, and secure our position as one of the best employers in the region.

Learning and Development

At PIC, we believe that the learning curve for each and every employee should never plateau or take a dip. Therefore, we ensure their continued professional development through three key knowledge sources: On-the-job training; guided learning such as coaching, job mentoring, performance management and continuous feedback; and formal training sessions based on individual training plans.

Executive Education Program

Through this program, we partner with the top five executive education providers worldwide to provide our talented employees with the knowledge and tools they need to fast-track their development at PIC. Its main areas of focus are leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Employee Engagement

We believe that an engaged employee who is driven by passion will say no to failure and will pursue the highest level of productivity. We also believe in the value of employees voicing their opinions. Accordingly, Employee Effectiveness surveys that measure employee enablement and engagement are conducted on an annual basis to ensure that the voices of our employees are heard and incorporated in future plans.

Compensation and Benefits

We aspire to instill a culture in which employees prosper and talents advance. As such, we recognize the contribution of each employee by offering a well-structured compensation scheme and performance-based rewards system that are benchmarked against the market to ensure their competitiveness. We also offer a wide range of benefits that contribute to our employees' wellbeing and quality of life.